Meet the new APECS Germany Board 2019-2020

Over the past three year, APECS Germany has been continually growing and seen an active engagement at outreach talks, conferences and workshops. This action has been driven forward by the tireless work of our board members, co-chairs and our chair.

Today we would like to announce the new APECS Germany board team who will continue this work for 2019-2020 election period!

Please welcome our new chair Johanna Grabow, who will take over from Josefine Lenz.

Josefine will continue her engagement within APECS Germany as co-chair for the upcoming period.

At her side, Tim Carlsen and Luisa von Albedyll will work as co-chairs.

We say goodbye to the old APECS Germany board 2018-2019 and thank them for their excellent work.

The new APECS Germany board team is taking over from 1st June 2019.

We are very much looking forward to the upcoming year and are excited to see what APECS Germany has in store for us!

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In den vergangenen drei Jahren ist APECS Germany kontinuierlich gewachsen und war auf Workshops, Konferenz und anderen Veranstaltungen aktiv. Diese Arbeit wurde von den unermüdlichen Board-Mitgliedern, den Co-Chairs und unserem Chair vorangetrieben.

Nun heißt es, die Fackel weiterzugeben! Das neue APECS Germany-Team für 2019-2020 möchte sich vorstellen.

Bitte heißt deshalb ganz herzlichen unseren neuen APECS chair Johanna Grabow willkommen. Johanna löst Josefine Lenz in ihrer Rolle als Chair ab.

Josefine wird weiterhin für APECS Germany als co-chair tätig sein.

An ihrer Seite stehen Tim Carlsen und Luisa von Albedyll als co-chairs.

Wir bedanken uns ganz herzlichen beim APECS Germany Board 2018-2019!

Das neue APECS Germany Board übernimmt am 01.06.2019 die Führung.

Wir schauen schon jetzt gespannt in die Zukunft und freuen uns darauf, was das APECS Germany Board Team für uns bereithält!


Welcome to APECS Germany, the new National Committee of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists!


After years of smaller attempts and good ideas by some young researchers in the German APECS community, it was now possible to gather a small group of motivated researchers who set the spark of this new national network.

You have ideas and want to be an active part of APECS Germany? We invite you to participate! An even more diverse group of active members will make the start of this new network even more exciting.

Help to produce new ideas, share your experience and knowledge among other young polar researchers and profit from new connections in not only the German polar research community. Ultimately, the productivity, outcome and success of APECS Germany will rely on the activity and commitment of its active members.



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