Antarctica's past

The eleventh and last submission to our Cold Regions - Cool Facts contest is from Théo Wittersheim.

Antarctica is today a major place to study the cryosphere. But has it always been so cold? And how is human's influence on climate affecting the white continent? Théo is addressing those and many more questions in a video made from great sketches that is meant for everyone: Childs curious to hear an entertaining story about Antarctica. Adults interested in taking a step back on human influence on its planet, taking a closer look to Antarctica’s past and present. Students wishing to understand the evolution of Antarctica and the formation of its ice.

Take a cup of coffee and take a journey to the world’s coolest continent.


Welcome to APECS Germany, the new National Committee of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists!


After years of smaller attempts and good ideas by some young researchers in the German APECS community, it was now possible to gather a small group of motivated researchers who set the spark of this new national network.

You have ideas and want to be an active part of APECS Germany? We invite you to participate! An even more diverse group of active members will make the start of this new network even more exciting.

Help to produce new ideas, share your experience and knowledge among other young polar researchers and profit from new connections in not only the German polar research community. Ultimately, the productivity, outcome and success of APECS Germany will rely on the activity and commitment of its active members.



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